Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Learn about Carl Freer’s services on charity and other services in technology

Carl Freer was the president of the company GetFugu Inc. He is a person who made some surprising inventions towards the field of technology and introduced many features and services also. He was actually the founder of the Eagle Eye Scandinavian Ltd. Company and it was then acquired by Tiger Telematics Inc. in 2002. He was serving with the Tiger Telematics Inc. since 2003.

The other area of services of Carl Freer’s work includes the services as Sales Director of ARE Media AB, which is a private media sales company located in the Stockholm area. He was one of the co-founders of a software company called Vxtreme that lead the way to the highly successful video compression lab technique. Mr. Freer founded GetFugu, Inc. and has been acting as its Director since 2009. Mr. Freer has also served as a Director of Performance Films SA in Malaga, Spain, and as a Director of Rivera Auto Forum, which is a specialty auto dealership in Cannes, France. He is the man who has introduced many new technologies.

Carl Freer is a person who is supporting charity and public services very much. He has provided aid to people in various fields including the medical and education. Carl Freer was a Director of WEG Entertainment and holds the position of a trustee of several charities, including the Kings Medical Research Trust. As a victim of Internet defaming, Carl Freer is trying hard to retain his power and trust among others. He is providing his services on charity and other services in technology fields now also.

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